Invest in ILAGAN

Why invest in the City of Ilagan

As a growing local economic haven of the Cagayan Valley Region, City of Ilagan is the most viable site of industry development in the country and the Asia-Pacific. Its strategic location and proximity to municipalities and cities in the region and in Luzon Island makes it an ideal place for investment. Its favorable business climate creates a business-friendly city for all.

What to expect in the City of Ilagan

A good business climate with guaranteed goverment investment incentives

Immediate and easy facilitation of regulatory permits and documents

Abundant raw materials for production of consumer and industrial products

Vast tract of land to locate manufacturing industries, commercial establishments and real state development

Competitive labor cost and availability of manpower needs for various industries

Emerging as local and international tourism destination for nature sight-seeing and adventure

Presence of competent vocational-technical institution for manpower skills

Center of Excellence in Public Governance of Region 02

Business Incentives

Investments in Priority Investments Categories and Investment Areas shall be entitled to fiscal incentives under the City of Ilagan Investment and Incentives Code. Non-fiscal incentives such as assistance in business registration, identifying possible business location, business match-making , and hiring of manpower, among others, can also be availed, facilitated by the Local Economic Development and Investment Promotions Office.

Priority Investment Categories


Those activities that are related to companies engaged in the manufacture of product.


An industry engaged in the producing operations of a farm, the manufacture and distribution of farm equipment and supplies, and the processing, storage, and distribution of farm commodities


Those activities that are related to enterprises that provide goods and services for profit.

Environmental Sanitation

Those activities aimed at improving or maintaining the standard of basic environmental conditions, including but not limited to, clean and safe water supply, safe animal, human and industrial waste disposal.


Those activities that provides accommodations, services, amenities, for pleasure, leisure, recreation and business.

Public Utilities

Those activities that provides energy, telecommunication, transportation, water, housing and other such other goods or services.

Information and Communication Technology

Activities that involves the application of computer systems and the integration of telecommunications focusing on Business Process Management and Services, E-Business, E-Goverment, IT Infrastructures, Design and Fabrication of Information Technology Parts, Cybersecurity, among others.

Proposed Investment Areas

The Development Concept establishing the urban Growth Boundaries show the Proposed Investment Areas under the City of Ilagan Comprehensive Land Use Plan crafted by renowned urban planner Arch. Felino Palafox, Jr.